August 15, 2015 SocioDNA

Innovative ideas to create an eye catching Cover & Profile Picture for your business Facebook page

Here at SocioDNA, we share tips & techniques that help small businesses in achieving social success. Today we’ll discuss about the first touch point of your Facebook page, the profile picture & the cover picture. The profile and cover picture area of your Facebook page portrays your brand image, that’s why you should use it very wisely.

Latest studies show that for most of the small businesses, the number of visits on their website has decreased as compared to the number of visits on their Facebook page. We have seen brands for which the website was updated long way back but the Facebook page is updated on almost daily basis.

Let’s take a look at the tips & tricks how you can make it happen for your business Facebook fan page.

1. Use a profile picture that is immersed inside cover picture: This is in trend these days and the viewers will surely take a second look. It looks innovative when done in a polished way. This technique gives a larger cover image for your website so you can make use of most of it.

Sprite profile & Cover image


2. Promote upcoming offers & events: If you have got a special offer running on your store or website you want to bring attention of your fans, there is no harm of doing that through your cover picture. Get an eye catching cover picture designed that has all the information about the offer or event and post it. Anything you will promote through this will give a double impact. See below, how Indian ecommerce giant Facebook is promoting its offer to get new sellers on board.

Flipkart Profile & Cover Image


3. Show what is your business: Don’t want to get into complex image? Just showcase in the simplest and clearest way what your business is all about. Take a look at Canon India & Durian Furniture Facebook fan page.

Canon profile & Cover Image

Durian profile & Cover Image

4. Reached a milestone, blow it over the cover image: If you have got something to celebrate, or a milestone you have recently achieved, don’t be afraid of showcasing it over the cover picture. Sharing a milestone over the cover generates trust and excitement in the stakeholders of the company. Check below how India based stationary company Linc Pens has shared their achievement.

Link profile & Cover Image