July 23, 2015 SocioDNA

How to use Pinterest in the best possible way for your business

Has your business started getting benefits from Pinterest? If not, it’s high time to utilize Pinterest for your brand. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing communities on World Wide Web and using it for promoting your brand is a trend of today.


1. The Business Description Should Be Clearly Written: Pinterest has a limit of 200 characters to describe your business. Use it in the easiest manner and make sure the description is easy to read. You can take help of Google analytics to check the keywords and decide which keyword can bring a person to your site. Try to keep the major keywords in the description of your company Pinterest page. If your company focuses on SEO & Social Media Marketing, make sure these keywords should be there. For instance, the description of India based ethnic apparels brand focuses on Ethnic Wear.

Pinterest Utsav Fashion Pinboard



2. Revamp your profile with Seasonal Boards: In Pinterest, you get the facility to keep your pinboards at top positions or move that to bottom based on season or festivals. This eliminates the need to delete the pinboard when not in trend. Take a look at Samsung Home Appliances Official Pinterest Page. A pinboard for Halloween is maintained and is placed at top position during festival season, rest kept at the bottom position.

Samsung Home Appliance Pinterest



3. Don’t stick to product showcasing only, use engagement stuff: Good to pin photographs of your product but are you doing it too frequently? Avoid posting product or service related photographs only. This is one of the most underutilized features of a Pinterest page. Share videos, thoughts and ask questions. In image below, take a look at how McDonalds maintained a pinboard of Ray Kroc quotes.

Mcdonalds Pinterest Pinboard




4. Make use of all your images on World Wide Web: Yes! You read it right. All the images you have posted till date on your internet properties like website, Facebook or Twitter, take a note of all the images and start posting on the Pinterest profile. This helps you create strong visual content and your followers surely will take a second look.

Mercedes Benz Pre War Pinterest Pinboard


5. Add a Pinterest button on all your blog articles images: Don’t forget to do that to drive referral traffic from Pinterest. This button can be easily installed with your blog posts. Install the on hover button as a reminder and make it easy for users to pin images from your site.

Pinterest Pin it