June 4, 2015 SocioDNA

3 Reasons why you need to promote your Facebook Page RIGHT NOW!

Too many pages: Facebook server is jammed with thousands of business/community pages created everyday, and never used thereafter. Pages without quality content never appear in search results. Every time we search for a page, there is very less possibility that we’ll get the exact thing we are looking for. Only the pages that have regular updates and quality content are shown at the top positions in search results.

Page Duplicity: Not all pages about a brand or identity are ‘Verified Page’. Here comes the issue of multiple pages for the same product, brand, public figure. If your page doesn’t have a Verified Page tag on it, it’s quite possible that while searching for your page, the user might click on the duplicate page. Regular updates help your page rank at the top positions so the chances of the right user reaching the right page increases. Who knows, a duplicate page admin is posting daily updates and you are losing followers worth thousands every day.

Competition: How many likes has your competitor Facebook page generated during the last week? How many posts are they posting every month and how much revenue growth are they generating out of it? No one will tell you these exact figures but you have to be proactive enough to challenge the competitor. A recent study shows that medium and small scale businesses that were previously promoting their Facebook pages in-house have increased their budget on internet marketing activities and are outsourcing the services to Social Media Marketing firms to get better results.